Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How does a water softener work?

Water passes through a resin bed to remove the hardness (calcium and magnesium deposits), resulting in softened water. When the resin beads are covered with calcium and magnesium, a brine solution washes them away during a process called regeneration. The resin bed is then refreshed and ready to create more softened water.  All ion exchange water softeners work on the same principle.

Where do I fit a water softener?

Ideally a domestic water softener is installed close to the incoming mains.  EcoWater water softeners can be located in kitchen cupboards, utility rooms, garages and even outside.

Can I fit a water softener if I have a combi boiler or mega flow?

Yes.  All EcoWater water softeners are designed to work with all modern plumbing systems.  The flow rates are designed to cope with the requirements of combi boilers and mega flows but at a rate that will allow the ion exchange to take place, so you can be rest assured you will always have softened water.

Must I have a hard water tap?

The water regulations currently state that a hard water drinking tap is always recommended. However, where the water hardness is below 400ppm calcium carbonate there is NO mandatory requirement for a separate hard water drinking tap because softened water complies with the drinking water regulations. Where the water hardness exceeds 400ppm calcium carbonate, the sodium level will be above the maximum set by the drinking water regulations, so a separate hard water drinking tap becomes mandatory.

It is also recommended that the garden tap is left with a hard water supply.

How much will it cost to run a water softener?

An EcoWater softener is a long term investment and for that reason we have designed our water softeners to be as cost efficient as possible.  The running costs of a water softener depends on the amount of water you use because this dictates how often the water softener will regenerate, which determines the amount of salt and water the water softener would use.  All EcoWater softeners are high capacity water softeners, which means they create large volumes of soft water between regenerations.  An EcoWater softener is automatic and its in-built intelligence will decide the best point to regenerate.  If you would like a running cost estimation for your home then please call us – 0800 052 1120.

Will existing limescale be removed?

Yes.  Over time softened water will remove existing limescale from your pipework, taps, showerheads etc.  You will find that existing limescale on your taps and aound the bath will be eaiser to clean away once you have softened water.

Will a water softener save me money?

Yes. With softened water the quantity of soaps, detergents and household cleaning materials will reduce by up to 50%. Your appliances will be protected from damaging limescale and your heating bills can be reduced by up to 20%. In fact water softeners have been named as one of the best energy saving appliances you can buy.

How long will a water softener last?

An EcoWater softener can last at least 12 to 15 years, often much longer.  In fact some of our customers have had their water softener for over 4 decades.

Which is better tablet salt or block salt?

EcoWater water softeners use only tablet salt for a reason. Tablet salt is readily available through different suppliers and its over half the price of block salt.

EcoWater water softeners have large salt storage so you do not need to keep constantly topping them up with salt. Tablet salt is available in 25kg or 10kg bags.

Block salt is more expensive and there are less suppliers. As block salt softeners normally have smaller storage, the blocks need to be topped up more frequently.

Which is better an electric or non-electric water softener?

Today’s modern appliances use electronics to enhance performance, which is why an EcoWater domestic water softener uses in-built technology. The patented technology in an EcoWater water softener ensures optimum performance – using far less salt and much less water than conventional softeners. Smart technology in our water softeners monitors exactly how much water you use in your home. And it automatically adapts the water softener to your very specific needs, making sure you always have softened water on demand.  The electronics keep you in control, you can see how much water you are using and when you need to top up with salt.  Our unique remote diagnostics will allow us to see how well your water softener is performing without the need for an engineer’s visit.  This means we can keep your water softener performing perfectly throughout its lifespan, without any degradation in its efficiency.

An EcoWater softener will use about £6 of electricity a year.