Counter Top Water Purifier

Counter Top Water Purifier

Simply fill the main chamber with tap water. The water is heated to 100°C, killing bacteria. The heated water is then converted to steam, which rises, eliminating Cryptospordium and leaving residual chemicals and other impurities behind. Lastly, the evaporated water is cooled and dispensed into the collection carafe.

  • Eliminates the inconvenience and expense of buying bottled water.
  • With the EcoWater Purifier you will produce sparkling clean, great tasting water – ideal for drinking, coffee, tea, juices, vegetables, soups, baby formulas etc
  • Increases the life of water using appliances such as coffee makers, steam irons and humidifiers.
  • Works great around the house on special jobs like watering plants, cleaning contact lenses and filling batteries.

Available through wholesalers contact 01494 484000 for advice and help.

EWS-EU500 Water Purifier

Filling volume 3 litres
Production capacity 0.6 litre/hour
15 litres/day
Dimensions 390mm width
330mm height
266mm depth
Weight 5 kilos

EWS-EU800 Water Purifier

The EWS EU800/230 is equiped with an electronic monitor, providing time, automatic Start/Delay feature.

Filling Volume 3.8 litres
Production Capacity 1 litre/hour
Dimensions 370mm width
381mm height
266 depth
Weight 6 kilos