Domestic Water Softeners

Domestic Water Softeners

How soft water is created

By installing a water softener to your mains water supply, when you turn on a tap, hard water passes through a tank of resin beads inside the water softener which extracts the calcium and magnesium (lime-scale) from the water. When the resin beads become saturated by the hard water deposits, the water softener carries out a self-cleaning process called regeneration: a concentrated sodium solution flows through the resin beads removing the hard deposits which are flushed harmlessly away. The resin beads are refreshed and ready to create more soft water.

Soft water transforms the home and once you own a water softener you’ll never want to go back.

EcoWater the intelligent solution to hard water

An EcoWater softener, tailored to your home’s exact requirements, will deliver the most cost-efficient, reliable and long-lasting solution to your hard water problems. Whatever size of home, or number of occupants, EcoWater provides the intelligent answer to meet your soft water needs.

An EcoWater softener offers everything you need when you buy a water softener including:

Simple to use – our softeners provide a continuous supply of softened water on demand.

Smart technology – for superb efficiency.

A unique proportional brining system – resulting in significantly less salt and water usage.

LCD Screen – showing at a glance exactly how much softening capacity remains and the level of salt inside the water softener.

Hydrolink remote display – allows you to control the features of your water softener remotely.

Designed for every home – a range of water softeners for every size of home, for ease of use and less maintenance, capable of dealing with high flow rate requirements.

No two households are the same and water usage changes every day. An EcoWater softener constantly monitors your water usage. It automatically calculates the exact proportion of salt and water necessary to clean the resin bed. This unique technology provides dramatic savings on both salt and water whilst ensuring you never run out of softened water.

See our sizing guide below.

If you would like help choosing the right water softener for your home call Gareth Jones on 0800 052 1120

EcoWater water softeners designed for your home

A water softener tailored to the home’s water use will provide the most cost efficient, reliable and durable soft water solution. That’s why EcoWater has designed a water softener for every size of home.

Compact Water Softeners

This water softener system is perfect for a home with up to 4 people using 1 bathroom.

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Water softeners for a medium sized home

This is our most popular sized water softener system. It works perfectly for up to 5 people using 2 bathrooms.

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Water softeners for larger homes

This water softener system works on a larger scale.
Perfect for homes with up to 7 people using 3 bathrooms.

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High demand water softeners

When demand for water is high these are the perfect systems for you. These systems provide fantastic soft water flow whatever the demand.

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