High Flow Water Softeners – EcoWater Doubles Sales

High Flow Water Softeners – EcoWater Doubles Sales

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EcoWater Systems has been manufacturing water softeners since 1925. As the oldest and largest domestic water softener company in the world, decades of expertise have been poured into our designs, which is why you can rely on our products producing the best solution for your soft water needs. This is especially true for larger homes with high water usage. Households which use a lot of water need to know that their water softener is going to produce the flow rates required for a demanding household. That’s why we have developed a range of high demand water softeners.

Owners of large homes in hard water areas are realising that a water softener, unlike any other water treatment device, not only protects their homes from abrasive hard water, soft water is fantastic for bathing and laundry. In fact, in 2012, EcoWater sales of large water softeners has doubled!

An EcoWater softener automatically creates soft water. When taps, shower etc are turned on , mains water passes through the water softener, which extracts the limescale from the water. The clever intelligence of an EcoWater softener means there is nothing else to do but occasionally top it up with tablet salt. This is required for the water softener’s a self-cleaning process (regeneration). The water softener will periodically automatically create a salt solution which flushes the limescale deposits to drain.

All our water softeners have a display with information at your fingertips. Our high demand range comes with a standard remote control.  You’ll be able to see exactly what the softener is doing and when it needs to be topped up with tablet salt. It couldn’t be easier.

With the back-up of EcoWater’s experts and team of engineers throughout England, we are here to care and look after your soft water needs for years to come.

If you would like a quotation or have any questions about our high flow water softeners call our team on

tel:  0800 052 1120.

Details of our high flow water softeners can be found at http://www.ecowater.co.uk/domestic-water-softeners/high-demand-water-softener/.