Hard water areas: Eastern England the most affected

Hard water areas: Eastern England the most affected

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Hard water is caused by rain water picking up hard minerals as it percolates through rocks such as chalk and limestone. The amount of mineral deposits in the water and therefore the hardness of the water will depend on which area you live in. In the home the results of hard water is the limescale deposits that it leaves behind. Water softeners are growing in popularity as the public become more aware about water and water treatment that is available for the home.


Approximately 60% of the UK suffers with hard water which is shown by the blue area in the map. Extremely hard water is mainly found in Eastern England, in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Lincolnshire.   Very hard water is considered 300 ppm or more. There are different methods of measuring hardness in the water, which are shown below.



Measurement of hard water

Mg/l or ppm (parts per million calcium carbonate)

  • 300 ppm or over          – very hard water
  • 200-300 ppm               – hard water
  • Under 200 ppm           – moderately hard water
  • Under 100 ppm           – moderately soft water to soft water

Degrees Clark or English

  • 21 or above                   – very hard water
  • 14 to 21                         – hard water
  • Under 14                       – moderately hard water
  • Under 7                         – moderately soft to soft water

US Grains

  • 17 or over                      – very hard water
  • 12-17                             – hard water
  • Under 12                       – moderately hard water
  • Under 6                         – moderately soft to soft water

Water Authorities

Most water authority websites will show the hardness of the water in your area using your postcode or you can use our post code checker.

Areas of the UK particularly affected by hard water are:

  • Bedfordshire             Berkshire                Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Derbyshire                Dorset
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hampshire
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire         Lincolnshire
  • Middlesex
  • Norfolk                     Northamptonshire             Nottinghamshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Rutland
  • Somerset                 Staffordshire                        Suffolk                                       Surrey                                 Sussex
  • Warwickshire         Wiltshire

Water authority websites:


Domestic water softeners eliminate the hard minerals from the home’s water.  Only with this type of domestic water treatment will the home benefit from, not only reduced limescale but the great feel of softened water, which transforms the bathing experience for people living with hard water.

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