Experience the Joy of
Water Softeners.

  • Eliminate limescale from your home
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Enjoy the many benefits of soft water

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The world's largest water softener manufacturer

EcoWater has been selling water softeners since 1925. It's no coincidence that we’re the world’s leading brand. We sell more than anyone else across the world. That’s because we make the products that people want to buy.

EcoWater offers the most advanced, innovative and reliable water softeners on the market. Unlike many water treatment brands, EcoWater makes everything itself, designing, engineering and manufacturing 95% of our products and components in our own facilities. Our state-of-the-art, highly computerised factory ensures the highest level of product quality.

The joy of EcoWater

Luxuriously bubbly baths, beautifully smooth skin, super-soft laundry. You’ll feel the joy of EcoWater all around your home. It brings out the best in everything it touches, adding shine and sparkle - from your best china to your bathroom shower cubicle (not to mention your washing machine and dishwasher). Less time cleaning means more time for fun things in life.

A joy at bath time - EcoWater puts the luxury back into your bathroom. Soaps, shampoos and shower gels create a rich lather in water that’s so soft and gentle, your skin will love you for using it.

A joy for laundry - Laundry feels fresh, clean and super soft when it’s washed in EcoWater. Because it’s gentle on your appliances, they’ll last longer too.

A joy for cleaning – EcoWater rinses clean away leaving no stubborn marks or stains.

A joy for your bank balance - EcoWater has the same feel-good factor on your appliances and plumbing and saves you precious energy and money.

EcoWater water softeners designed for your home

A water softener tailored to the home’s water use will provide the most cost efficient, reliable and durable soft water solution. That’s why EcoWater has designed a water softener for every size of home.

Compact Water Softeners

This water softener system is perfect for a home with up to 4 people using 1 bathroom.

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Water softeners for a medium sized home

This is our most popular sized water softener system. It works perfectly for up to 5 people using 2 bathrooms.

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Water softeners for larger homes

This water softener system works on a larger scale. Perfect for homes with up to 7 people using 3 bathrooms.

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High demand water softeners

When demand for water is high these are the perfect systems for you. These systems provide fantastic soft water flow whatever the demand.

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